podcastfaves was born out of my obsessive listening to podcasts. 

podcasts are great so i wanted to write about it and have a place where people with little to no exposure could find other great content!  there is a wonderfully rich world of podcasts that provide not only entertainment but education, emotional, funny and important audio work that through storytelling, can spread empathy. 

here are some posts i've made recently, if you're not already convinced enough to check it out and listen to some great podcasts :-)

podcasts...where do i start?

for those to get started for listening...it's really easy!

for one, podcasts are super easy to listen to–they’re available for apple users on their phones and laptops through itunes or a native podcast app within the iphone. for other users, there is google play or spotify and other podcatcher apps (available for iphone people as well) that try to make the listening and browsing experience better like stitcher, npr one, overcast, some are even on spotify, and some are uploaded onto soundcloud.


i list out october favorites that "got me real emotional", "other ones", and "new subscriptions"

presidential – barack obama – the pursuit of identity
great podcast contextualizing presidents as humans & specifically on this ep explores the qualities, work and history that helps us understand how barack became obama, president of the us! (you will definitely love him more) (miss u already)


recommending a podcast episode where i still find myself thinking about and feel is an important piece of work!

today’s episode is from one of gimlet’s newest podcasts from this fall, undone. and if you read most of my posts on here, you would know that i frequently mention gimlet because i appreciate them and their high-production content a lot. much like their other content and much of the content i usually gravitate toward, undone is a nonfiction narrative podcast that tells interesting stories you didn’t even know you would be completely into.