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1 second of life, recorded every day. compiled in a video diary. record less, live more. #1SE

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2018 - 1SE

michelle // 2018 | we’re growing up

my 2018 one second everyday video - 365 days, 365 seconds.

2018, the year of Growing Up.

i learned, i shed, i lost, i grew, i traveled, i read, i laughed and loved a lot. i keep coming back to how grateful i am to have committed to capturing simply one second of the many seconds i have every day. to see it all at the start of the next year really reminds me of how full of love and happiness my life is, in the larger moments of course, but in the dull, mundane ones too. i thought life would get less exciting after literally having to work everyday but it’s been a fun ride figuring it all out, to craft and nurture the life i actually want to live.

here’s my 2018, 365 days in 365 seconds. enjoy, and hope to see yours next year ;-)

a year of being, becoming, growing…


2017 - 1SE


michelle // 2017 | i'll take you there

the year of new beginnings, figuring out adulthood, and continuing to cultivate love ✨

2017 1SE – 1 second recorded, every day for 365 days


jordan // 2017 | SUPERCUT ULTRA-LIFE

all the moments i play in the dark – wild + fluorescent (come home to my heart) // forever gonna feel this free – and i'm not giving up now // a 2017 1SE – 365 days, 365 seconds a year in transition, of breaking and reforming, of discarding and finding things anew ✨ .


anjile // 2017 | change + transition

2017 saw graduation, adventure, friendship, and a move across the country to start grad school. A year spent learning to change and transition.

Don't Wait - Maipei // Runaways - Sam Feldt & Deepend ft. Teemu


rosie // 2017 // feel something

take the good and hold it near to you and let go of all that burdens you

here’s to a year of graduations, growth, and good music.


abi // 2017 | golden days ✨

this year, i graduated from cal with two degrees, moved away from the golden state, & made new york my new home. but no matter where i go, this 1sec video is a reminder that i'll always be a golden girl at heart. :') 2017: 365 days in 365 seconds xx

songs: "gwan" - rostam "tuesday" - hippo campus


charisse // 2017 | home

✖️ one second every day (most days) home is where i want to be, but i guess i'm already there ♫

〰️ music: this must be the place - sure sure (talking heads cover) home pt. 2 - current joys 〰️

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haruko // 2017 // falling into place

a year of trying hard to piece my life together between transitions, and finding that everything eventually fell into place (at least for now)

2017, one second everyday


karen // 2017

a year in the life !! 2017 !!! much love to family and friends, both old n new, that filled the past year with love n happiness ! i (coincidentally) used two songs that both had the word “dream” in their titles which is fitting since everyone in my life made this year feel like a dream. there’s a couple of days that are missing (from when i lost my phone at the amtrak for a bit and somedays where i just didnt take a video) but that just gives me more room for improvement next year :D

songs used in video: - corduroy dreams by rex orange county - sweet dreams by børns


krista (THE OG #ISED INSPO)  - 2017 | PLACES

// like shadows fade into the glowing city light

a year of taking trips and exploring brand new Worlds along the way


katrina // 2017 | in transit

"I chase that feeling

Of an eighteen year old who didn't know what loss was

Now I'm a stranger

And I miss the days of a life still permanent

Mourn the years before I got carried away"


cesar // 2017 | new deep

i saw president obama, bernie sanders, and john mayer all in one year i've peaked


kate // one second everyday / 2017✨

dear 2017, thank u for the wild ride. it's truly bittersweet to watch you come to an end. this year, i've learned and grown up so much in between finishing up the last semester of my amazing college career up to beginning the discovery of the uncharted territory that is post-grad.


rosa // 2017 | paving

In 2017, i decided to capture 1 sec videos everyday in an effort to show the world that writing in diaries is so 1870 and that video is the future. (just kidding, journaling is admirable AF but for lazy bums like me, capturing videos became such seamless way to document my day) s/o to everyone who made 2017 so colorful and memorable :,). here's to a new year and new mem's! blah blah i learned a lot, grew a lot, heartbreak, blah blah, you know the deal.

and thank you to Michelle, Krista, and Charisse for being such creative inspos✨