a collection of some recent inspiration

inspirational ladies on the internet: (updated april 2019)

  • amanda seales - small doses podcast, best IG stories, hilarious and smart stand-up comedian + more

  • aminatou sow - call your girlfriend podcast

  • nora mcinerny - terrible, thanks for asking podcast, reveling in the sad and funny gray area of life that is full of grief + suffering

  • roxane gay - v good on twitter + in writing

  • ashley c. ford - also v good on twitter + in writing

  • kim tallbear - native thinker speaking all the truths on the internet @ the critical polyamorist + native american DNA

  • mary hk choi - author, emergency contact + excellent podcasts: hey, cool life (daily podcast on creativity and mental health) & hey, cool job! (interview podcast with the coolest ppl with the coolest jobs)

  • min jin lee - author, pachinko + free food for millionaires. honestly watched this talk of hers β€œare koreans human?” at harvard and fell in love with her story, desire to write about diaspora, and ultimately speak truths about humans

things that move, shake, inspire me (list from fall 2018)

  • shirkers (documentary on netflix)

  • julian brave noisecat - a tale of 2 housing crises, rural & urban (article)

  • maeken avery (article / q&a / audio interview)

  • the best we could do (illustrated memoir)

  • secret girlfriend (youtube try guys)

  • radical dharma (non-fiction book)

  • reply all - #119 no more safe harbor (storytelling podcast about the internet)

  • the nod - how to make free people (storytelling podcast)

  • this american life - nazanin from 2005 (storytelling podcast)