#11 (lunar) new year, same me

happy lunar new year!! not much to say this time around except that it's hitting me that there is totally not enough time in the 9-5 life (10-5 for me) to do all of my favorite things that i love doing even though i definitely do love my work. so savor your short week nights + weekends, my friends!! do what you love shamelessly, especially if that includes joyously compiling a newsletter for people on the internet <3

some random fun things i went to that made me happy since the last issue:

  • dear prudence live with miya! (read Mallory Ortberg's Internet)
  • ijeoma oluo's super real talk about race and her book so you want to talk about race
  • pop up magazine with miya + ikya, which is always such a treat
  • over-ordering pastries @ my local gentrifier craftsman and wolves' the den for weekend happy hour (happy hour = half off bougie pastries!!!)
  • free screening of i am not your negro @ the bayview opera house
  • free friday night karaoke at the new parkway (thanks ilaf <3)
  • while at sightglass with charisse, a super free-spirited lady randomly showed us her own life manifesto and now we are inspired to write our own lol

also @ nyc friends, i will be there for the last week of march--would love to hang out irl!! :-)


  1. the good place. i kept seeing discourse about it so i got fomo. plus i love kristen bell! i typed this out before it got REALLY good and now i SUPER recommend it. currently finishing up season 2.
  2. molly's game
  3. the winter olympics! (sort of) mostly watching the super accomplished asian american olympians like figure skater nathan chen, snowboarder chloe kim, the ice dancers shibutani twins and triple axel queen mirai nagasu via youtube
  4. *the new american dream ted talk
  5. black life at the intersection of birth and death ted talk
  6. black panther!!!!
  7. i love mandy moore so much
  8. The Loving Generation (topic) - "4 FILMS | 40 MIN. In 1967, the Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia overturned all laws outlawing interracial marriage. The Loving Generation tells the story of a generation of Americans born to one black parent and one white parent. Their narratives provide a fascinating and unique window into the borderland between “blackness” and “whiteness”, and, in some cases, explode fixed ideas about race and identity."


  1. *What does it mean to die? (new yorker) - on what brain death even means? + so much more#death
  2. What's So Different About High Tech High Anyway? (kqed/mindshift) - on alternative teaching strategies/charter schools #alternativeschools #educationreform #education
  3. love stories (vogue) - a two week series of essays about love in all of its forms #❤️
  4. The Changing Demographics of The East Bay (east bay express) #gentrification #bayarea
  5. *How to Not Die in America (splinter news) - on how fucked the american health care system is
  6. some relationships/breakup content 
    1. a collection of breakup advice (man repeller)
    2. *My Ex Wasn’t Ready to Commit: Here’s My Theory on Why (man repeller) 
    3. How to build a healthy romantic relationship in 2018 (the daily cal)
    4. *advice about Doing The Breaking Up - Dear Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column #77: The Truth That Lives There "Go, because you want to. Because wanting to leave is enough."
    5. How To Stop Rushing Into Love (nyt)
  7. Our Relationships Keep Us Alive: Let's Prioritize Them in 2018 (truthout)
  8. I’m Korean American, And I Can’t Watch The Pyeongchang Olympics (buzzfeed)
  9. How Social Media Giants Side With Prosecutors in Criminal Cases (the marshall project)
  10. *The Problem With Seeking the Best For Your Kids (on being) #segregation #commongood
  11. What Miranda Sings' Short-Lived Netflix Series Means For Youtube's Future (ampersand la) - HI ROSIE (@yesROSEMARIE
  12. I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories (atlantic)
  13. How to Maintain Friendships (nyt)
  14. the apple watch - what happens when you try to change behavior without behavioral science? (the verge)
  15. *The female price of male pleasure (the week) #toxicmasculinity
  16. *The Malignant Melancholy (the new inquiry) #toxicmasculinity
    1. "The beneficiaries of oppression—which is to say people in power—have no idea how to meet their social and emotional needs from equals, because they have had subordinates to fulfill them all along. Both in feudal systems of ownership and capitalist structures of employment, men have been set up to unfairly consume labor along the fault lines of caste, race, class, and gender. Social relationship structures have mirrored these systems of entitlement; the family, for example, as a patriarchal structure set up to meet the emotional and physical needs of the man without reciprocation.
  17. Almost half of toxic cleanup at Hunters Point Shipyard is questionable or faked, according to initial review (curbed sf) #environmentalracism #sanfrancisco #gentrification
  18. Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever: Happiness (nyt) #happiness 
  19. Rachael Denhollander: The Price I Paid for Taking On Larry Nassar (nyt) #metoo
  20. The Secret to Understanding Kamala Harris (mother jones) #politics
  21. Does America Have a Caste System? (citylab) #racism #structuralissues
  22. The Truth About Money (ashley c ford. via the helm) #financialliteracy
  23. Is Moviepass Here to Stay? (the atlantic)
  24. Why Do You Say You're Black? (morgan jerkins via nyt)
  25. (more of) buzzfeed's opportunity cost series about money and class
    1. My Inheritance Was My Father’s Last Lesson To Me And I Am Still Learning It 
    2. Why I’m No Longer Ashamed To Be Frugal
    3. Here's What A $75K Salary Gets You In Six Different Cities In The US
  26. Evictionland (curbed) #gentrification
  27. *The Perils of Raising a Black Feminist Girl (catapult)
  28. The Rise of 'Digital Poorhouses' (citylab) - "Seemingly benign and even well-meaning high-tech tools are evolving the ways in which government criminalizes and punishes the poor."
  29. Black With (Some) White Privilege (nyt) - "my sister and I are a direct result of what came in the two decades after Loving: an increase in the number of interracial marriages and a spike in the number of births of American children born to one black parent and one white parent, an entire generation of kids whose very existence symbolized racial progress for some, cultural impurity for others."
  30. The 'Black Panther' Revolution (rolling stone)
  31. *Self-Love Is an Adventure, Not a Destination (on being) - "I have never believed that you must completely love yourself first before you can love another. I know many people who are hard on themselves, yet love their friends and family deeply and are loved in return — though they might have difficulty in receiving that love. But it’s hard to sustain love for others over the long haul until we have a sense of inner abundance and sufficiency." "Real love does not encourage you to ignore your problems or deny your mistakes and imperfections. You see them clearly and still opt to love."
  32. When Your Mom Is “Tiger Mother” Amy Chua (slate)
  33. The IPS Magnet School Conundrum (indianapolis monthly) - "Indianapolis Public Schools has many problems: low enrollment, shrinking budgets, failing students. Add another: me."
  34. He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse.(buzzfeed) #mediastudies
  35. Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of 'Disruption' (the atlantic) 

*feedback please: i started putting hashtags to categorize them sort of but then got lazy. SO hashtags: helpful to convincing you to click or no?
--> reply to this email if you have ANY strong feelings about how i can better format, thanks!

listening… (podcasts unless stated otherwise)

  1. **snap judgement - #904: senior year mixtape - snap judgment spent over a year following the lives of three incredibly smart and resillient students at the high school i attended + now work at, mission high school in san francisco! *if you don't read or listen to anything else, just listen to this!!!!!*
  2. hidden brain - when did marriage become so hard (it's because more than ever before we want more fulfillment and meaning from solely one person) 
  3. hi-phi nation - freedom and hostile design - about the privatization of public space
  4. terrible, thanks for asking - 26 perfectly - *major tears alert* 
  5. terrible, thanks for asking - 25: the broken places - *major tears alert*
  6. radiolab - how to be a hero - what are people thinking when they risk their lives for someone else?
  7. on being - brene brown 
  8. still processing on everything that is culturally relevant
  9. this is love the run
  10. reply all - #115 the bitcoin hunter - i've been avoiding all things bitcoin but this one is really good!!
  11. radio atlantic - who gets to be american?
  12. the actor's diet - cheryl strayed
  13. with friends like these - "foot servants of wokeness" with ijeoma oluo and parker molloy
  14. today explained (vox's new daily explainer podcast) - six easy steps to nuclear war

feel free to send things to me that you think i'd enjoy! 

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