hi, i'm michelle

i'm michelle, a 2017 media studies and asian american and asian diaspora studies graduate, san francisco (born and raised) native, and a story collector/storyteller aiming to uplift and empower those systematically disempowered. 

on paper, the threads of my work relate to digital production (podcasts, social media strategy/marketing, website design) in relation to storytelling with an emphasis on giving new opportunities to those historically left out and empowerment.

outside of my work, i write about the podcast landscape + favorites, post my life in picture form on instagramtweet what's stimulating my brain these days on twitter, read frequently on my kindle to learn more everyday and send out a weekly newsletter recommending my favorite and most memorable internet things during the week.

feel free to reach me by email or twitter to chat about podcasts or opportunities to work together! (podcasting, website stuff, or social media strategy!)


Pritika Yamamoto, Founder

João Solakoglu, Founder

Katarzyna Astatke, Instructor

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor