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hi, i'm michelle! i don’t think i totally fit into easy to understand boxes and i am a constant work in progress… so here are some things to help you learn about who i am. :-)

i’m proud to be born and raised in san francisco, honored that my parents uprooted their lives in china to build a life here in san francisco for us. i’m a first gen cal grad (woo go bears!). i owe a lot of myself to my time at uc berkeley.

it’s where i learned you could study culture as a thing and especially internet culture, which i had always been obsessed with (go #mscal). i helped produce the daily californian’s podcast in 2017.

it’s where i learned in ethnic studies the vast, expansive world outside colonial, white supremacist, euro-centric teaching that led me to a path to healing and provided me a firmer foundation as a social justice advocate, informed by exclusion, poverty and dehumanization. it’s where i learned the words and concepts to describe the inequalities i observed growing up in san francisco, which helped me start to feel less shame, and more empowerment about my own family’s circumstances, my place as a marginalized woman of color, and solidarity with others living in powerlessness.

it’s where i fell in love with narratives, storytelling, and new ways of expanding understanding which can lead to openmindedness, empathy, and simply, humanization. it’s where i learned that i still had so much to learn (and still do!). and that there is still so much work to be done. i’ve learned that i am unwilling to sit silently waiting for things to be done, knowing all that i can see now.

i don’t always feel i know what my place and role is in the movement and resistance, but i am committed to starting where i am at, in my san francisco communities. i know that my success alone, is not success, and my liberation is tied up in everyone’s.

i strive to keep learning, unlearning, growing. find out more about who i am through my (some problematic) favorite social media platforms:

  • i’m a child of the internet and continue to be “extremely online” - mostly on twitter @michelle_ebooks, and on instagram @michellybelly.

  • i love podcasts and listen to a lot. my choice of listening is only on the pocket casts app. make a podyssey and share with me your favorite episodes!!

  • i love to read books! let me know what you’re reading and what you’re adding to your reading list. add me on goodreads :-)

  • i read a lot of articles and listen to a lot of things & naturally aggregate good content for my pals. find my recs by subscribing to my newsletter, letter of rec. ;-)

and most importantly, i’ve found incredible caring and creative friends and a diasporic community from uc berkeley. my friends rosie and charrise created flash thrive zine collective, where i’ve contributed to zines and made a couple of my own! they have created the space for us angsty friends to share our thoughts and creativity. you can find my zines, SF raised me, and podcast and chill in the zines section. krista inspired me to make a one second everyday video so i started in 2016 and have done it every single day since then. check mine out and all of my friends’ over at the #1SE section. i’ll probably be recording one second of my life everyday until i die! please play them at my funeral!

on that note…

wanna grab some tea and have wide-ranging conversations about trivial and serious things we care about? interested in collaborating and/or co-conspiring some transformative stuff? pls hmu on twitter DM me or email me @ !

(my parens technically have never told me to stay away from strangers on the internet)



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